How does one capture the relation between the observer and the subject? In documenting the life of strangers in Kennedy Plaza, I found that it was as much about my involvement with the subjects as it was about my observations and framing of scenes. This process of realisation took place in four parts:

The first was the physical act of me documenting the life of strangers in Kennedy Plaza, where I shifted between observer and participant in approaching these strangers to ask to take their photograph. The second was the act of processing and editing photos in the darkroom, where I explored how the variation of textures in an image can inform the atmosphere of a scene. The third was the installation of these photos in frames- to retain the paper-like bend of the photographs such that they functioned both as “object” and “image”, photographs were glued back to back, held up by the mesh surface, allowing one’s gaze to pass through the photographs to those viewing them.

Process: Darkroom photography, Exhibition design
Documentation of exhibition by Enrico Giori

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