What are the spatial consequences of extending the night? In mapping the steps taken in the process of maintaining wine in amphoras of Alentejo wine, and transitioning to mapping areas of the streets of Evora where people congregate after bars and clubs have closed, I wanted to create a container with a constantly “overflowing” capacity. My first iteration was conceived as a single container divided into multiple rooms, but this placed the limits of its capacity on the outermost layer.  

The main challenge for the nightclub was to create a condition of multiple rooms that could still be understood as belonging to a single container. Floors are offset to encourage movement from one room to another, stacked to amplify the edge condition, and extended to mediate between its location between the river below and the highway above. In this loose arrangement of private spaces, one can still experience the riverside long after the establishment has closed.

Process: Mapping, Hand-drafting, Material studies, Wood-working, Photoshop collage

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